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My research interests

My research interests regard the realization of context-aware scenarios in mobile environments. Above all, I'm currently working on the realization of large scale context data distribution infrastructures that ensure scalability in respect of both involved mobile devices and managed data.

Consequently, my current researches include:

  • Heterogeneous wireless communications
  • Mixed infrastructure-based/ad-hoc communications
  • Data distribution protocols
  • Cooperative context data repository
  • Scalable context data distribution
  • Context-aware application in mobile environments (see SALES home page)
  • Context-aware application in disaster areas (see RECOWER home page)


Besides, I like to learn more about:

  • Cloud computing architectures
  • Computer security
  • Event-based communication system and message oriented middleware
  • Middleware solutions for enterprise architecture



Projects I am (have been) involved:

  • "TOCAI: Knowledge-oriented Technologies for Internet-based Enterprise Aggregation", MIUR Negotiated Project FIRB, Strategic Program Enabling Technologies for the Information Society - Objective 2: Networks and Net-computing, Coordinator Prof. Maurizio Lenzerini (2006-2009)


Honors & Awards



  • Mario Fanelli, Scalable Context Data Distribution in Mobile Environments, Bologna, July 2009.

  • Mario Fanelli, Using adaptability to increase the scalability of context data distribution, Ottawa, February 2010.


I'm currently collaborating with: