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Context-based Systems

Research in context-based systems at realizing smart architectures that adapt their services to the users' context. Context, in this area, has a wide range of different and sometimes blurred meanings: it defines all the data that help identify the characteristics of the environment in which the context-based application is running; context can be an user's location, a device's hardware configuration, or even an user's   social encounters.

Our challenge is to develop intelligent middleware support to ease developers build context aware applications. In this direction problems such as collection, synthesis, aggregation and distribution of context data,  expression and enforcement of QoC (quality-of-context) application requirements, and  provisioning of services that adapt to the application's context are only some of the issues to cope with.

Research Prototypes



Positioning Systems Integration and Management


Scalable Context-aware middleware for mobile environments


Reliable and Efficient context-aware data dissemination middleware for emergency response


Middleware for intelligent discovery of context-aware services


Allocation and Group Aware Mobile Applications


Policy Enabled Mobile Applications