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Mobile Computing

Research in the Mobile Computing area is focused on the development of novel algorithms, frameworks and architectures that support rich pervasive and ubiquitous services for moving users.

Among the many challenges of this field there are the realization of solutions independent from the heterogeneous hardware and software platforms, and the provision of ubiqitous connectivity always levarging the best available opportunity. 

Research Prototypes




Real Ad-Hoc Multi-Hop Peer-to-peer


Mobility/Handover prediction in wireless networks based on cellualr architecture

The MMHC Project

Enabling Multi-hop Multi-path Heterogeneous Connectivity


Mobile Agent Based Ubiquitous Multimedia Middleware

MQTT-CoAP Integration

Kura-extended Gateways with Californium Integration and Hierarchical Optimization

MFTP for ProSe

Multi-Frame Transfer Protocol for Proximity Services

Edge Computing Migration

A Migration-enhanced Edge Computing Support for Mobile Services in Hostile Environments, with Elijah/Openstack++