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Slides 2019 – 2020


Advanced models for large distributed & cloud systems

  • Class Starting: general information and presentation (slides)
  • Goals, Basics, and Models: classifications, service and cloud models, parallelization models (slides)
  • Middleware & Cloud Models: definitions, categories, basic organization, and patterns for large distributed and cloud systems (slides)
  • CORBA, C/S and Events, Multicast, MOM (slides)

Replication, group and many-to-many communication, and systems for QoS

  • ONs and Advanced Filesystems (slides)
  • Cloud Support and Global Strategies (slides)
  • Dependability and new replication strategies (slides)
  • QoS basis and protocols (slides)
  • Group Issues and Policies (slides)

Infrastructures for global data storage and processing

  • Global data processing: batching and streaming based big data processing in the cloud (slides)
  • Global data storage: solutions for long-term and short-term data memorization (slides)
  • Global Stream Processing (slides)

Lateral Presentations

  • OpenStack: an example of a widely-diffused cloud IaaS (slides)
  • An overview of some container-based technologies (Dmitrij David Padalino Montenero) (slides)

Additional Materials